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Junior High

Junior High Option Classes

NCS is pleased to offer a wide range of options for our junior high students. Our goal is to provide a place where students can gain skills and experiences that they will be able to take onto high school and the work force. 


Option Classes


  • Students learn to use basic hand and power tools related to the mechanics trade.  During this option students will disassemble and reassemble engines, and learn the basics of diagnosing and repairing engines, motors, and other mechanics related components.

Wood Working

  • Students will learn to use hand tools and power tools related to the carpentry and cabinet making trades.  Projects will focus on both student interest and on skill building techniques.

Metal Work

  • Students will learn to use hand tools and power tools related to the welding, hvac, and autobody trades.  They will create projects based on interest and be able to follow their interests.

Health and Wellness 

  • Students will learn skills related to their overall health and wellness as they move through various stages of their life. These skills will include food preparation, career and life planning and exposing students to various career paths, resume building, health curriculum and leadership skills. 

Outdoor Education

  • Students will learn skills related to outdoor survival.  These include basic knot tying, survival structure building and fire lighting.


  • Students will go through the design thinking process to build and test a robot of their own.  They will also have the opportunity to work on an electronics project of their choice.


  • Students will learn basic hand and machine sewing skills.  They will learn how to do mending of clothes as well as design and produce a project with real world applications.

2D and 3D Design

  • Students will learn the basics of computer design processes and 3d printing.  They will also have the opportunity to explore their interests with regards to art and design.

Computer Science

  • Students will learn the basis of website design, computer coding, and of working on the physical components of computers.  Each student will completely disassemble and reassemble a computer during this option.